Class HBaseRpc

  extended by org.hbase.async.HBaseRpc
Direct Known Subclasses:
AtomicIncrementRequest, DeleteRequest, GetRequest, PutRequest, RowLockRequest

public abstract class HBaseRpc
extends Object

Abstract base class for all RPC requests going out to HBase.

Implementations of this class are not expected to be synchronized.

A note on passing byte arrays in argument

None of the method that receive a byte[] in argument will copy it. If you change the contents of any byte array you give to an instance of this class, you may affect the behavior of the request in an unpredictable way. If you need to change the byte array, clone it before giving it to this class. For those familiar with the term "defensive copy", we don't do it in order to avoid unnecessary memory copies when you know you won't be changing (or event holding a reference to) the byte array, which is frequently the case.

Nested Class Summary
static interface HBaseRpc.HasFamily
          An RPC from which you can get a family name.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasKey
          An RPC from which you can get a row key name.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasQualifier
          An RPC from which you can get a column qualifier name.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasQualifiers
          An RPC from which you can get multiple column qualifier names.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasTable
          An RPC from which you can get a table name.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasTimestamp
          An RPC from which you can get a timestamp.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasValue
          An RPC from which you can get a value.
static interface HBaseRpc.HasValues
          An RPC from which you can get multiple values.
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 String toString()
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public String toString()
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